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Good Compost(좋은 퇴비)

  • 박준상
  • 2018-10-20 00:11:53
  • hit3070

My parents are farmers in a town called Iksan. So, from my middle school years, I helped my parents. One day, my mother gave me a small field and told me to grow strawberries. I planted seedlings and gathered manure from livestock and provided lots of them because I thought it would help the fruit to grow. However, unlike my expectations, the plants were leafy but not fruitful. My farming of the year had failed that way.

I did give them manure... but why? I couldn't understand. Seeing me confused, my parents explained how to compost manure. What I gave was not good compost but only manure. They said I shouldn't only provide pure manure, but I have to mix it well with straws for it to provide oxygen . Then, good microbes breed in it, and it will become a good compost.

Also, I'd like to tell you another story. I thought I was good at English. But my grade wasn’t good. I thought I can do better if I study harder like when I used pure manure. But it still didn’t get better. Then, I started to think ‘I am not getting any better. Maybe I should start asking my friends for help.' Surprisingly, my grade got improved from that moment. Sharing with my friends about my friends was like compost that provided good microbes to my plant of English tests.


Everyone, we are all farmers who cultivates our lives. Most people want to have lots of fruits in their lives, but depending on whether they are using manure or compost, the fruits change. I hope you get good fruits through good compost in your life. Thank you.


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